Lesson plan portfolio

Outline with sharpie if needed see book illustrations Native American Art Projects: Paint a layer of black on the crayon and let dry. For example, just because I show my collection of Pep Cereal Flicker Coins below, and you don't have one of those collections, doesn't mean you can't use this lesson; I invite you to substitute and tweak the ideas I am presenting here.

Most of these lessons were practice for following directions, and not, unfortunately, for generating creative works. Evaluation At the end of the unit, students will complete individual digital portfolio using rubric to measure learning objectives met.

Martin Luther King Jr. As the year progressed, it was amazing to watch them come up with 'cool words' to add to their glossary!

The collaborative design above was created by six ambitious eighth grade students who had some extra time in class.

Top 5 Items Every Teacher Should Have in Their Professional Portfolio

Also, they discuss core values with their families, making the values more widely known. Movement, Texture, Space Materials Needed: C develop an interactive medium such as a compact disk or digital video disk to display video, audio, and animation products; and D collect and Lesson plan portfolio student created products to build an individual portfolio.

Thanks to the lesson on this page, I have trained my students to be active "word finders," and the words they publish every Friday are words from our readings that my students liked enough to do a small but special piece of writing around.

This will take some time, you need a thick layer of wax crayon!

Creating a Digital Portfolio

What would that display case look like? Every other week, when they have eight words ready to go, we set aside thirty minutes to do a student-centered vocabulary workshop. Watch the instructional video and follow the directions carefully. Posted by Julia at 4: If you do not have the book try these: Through the character report card, core values become internalized as part of their education and part of their lives.

Rub and buff pastels to remove most of the dust to prevent smearing.

Lesson Plans and Student Art

Extension Activity Students may add additional projects or enhance projects already included and also creatively enhance digital portfolio pages using formatting skills and tutorials available with software. Foods, housing, traditions, clothing, arts, games, etc.

Creativity and Innovation a. As an incentive in my classroom, I give out tickets for vocabulary sleuthing. Each Friday even if I don't see themmy students come to their homerooms with a new set of four published vocabulary words; a student from each homeroom then delivers the vocabulary to me before homeroom is over.

If there is time, I will share from my writer's notebook. Students will be using basic color theory and several principles of design to convey meaning within their pieces. At right is a page from my own writer's notebook where I wrote about someone else's collection: How can we create the same feeling of movement in a night sky to tell our Anishinabe story?

Is is better to collect things like my Pep Cereal Flicker Coins from the 's that you can actually find the entire collection All 18? Scratchboard Cross curricular connections: A Vocabulary Lesson from my Classroom to Yours: Mahalo nui loa, Nanette, for providing us with such high quality ceramic supplies and this amazing opportunity!

It's a good idea to include photographs of the students participating in the activities, so the potential employer will be able have a visual of how you taught the lesson. Students will learn to think before they speak and act. Native American Art Project: I hope you are keeping one so that you can share from yours too.

Download lesson plans here: Download lesson plan here: Elementary Students will learn about civility and compassion by creating a poster to spread inspiration about kindness with their community.

These are the cent words mentioned in the project idea I share below this lesson. For this section of the portfolio, include a thematic unit along with curriculum standards for each activity. Social Studies Grade s:iii Abstract This Capstone projects features a portfolio of lesson plans along with assessments of these lesson plans, written by a site supervisor, and journal entries, written personally.

A fun and effective way to teach children how to create artwork in the style of master artist Vincent Van Gogh. The templates make it simple for all ages to get started, while the open ended instructions allow for freedom to stay unique. Investing Money Investing Money Lessons.

Lessons and worksheets for teaching, learning, and understanding basic investing and financial concepts. Mission Statement. NOVA is committed to ensuring all students have an opportunity to pursue a college education regardless of the presence or absence of a disability. TIGER 21 is a peer membership organization for high net worth entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors.

TIGER 21 holds meetings globally, where members discuss topics such as liquidity events, wealth management, and business acquisitions. b) To be able to use basic cooking skills to make a dish.

Top 5 Items Every Teacher Should Have in Their Professional Portfolio

In advance of the lesson, decide on 1 or 2 non heat cooking activities that will require children to use a knife, e.g. sandwiches, fruit salad, dip.

Lesson plan portfolio
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